By John Vlahakis

The effort to push back on genetically modified crops is spreading into the beer market place. Organically certified beers have seen an increase in sales during this last recession.  Despite the perceived notion that organic costs more, organic brewers have matched pricing with traditional craft beer makers.  Brands like Sierra Nevada have launched their own certified USDA organic beer brewed from hops grown on land owned by the beer company.  Their price points have matched the pricing of their traditional crafted beers.  The organic beer market is still a very small piece of the overall beer market place, but organic sales climbed from $9 million in 2003 to $41 million in 2009.  Organic brewers like Bison Brewing Company out of Berkeley, California has created a vertical supply chain and has helped their suppliers convert their lands to organic farming in order to ensure a steady stream of non-GMO ingredients.  Organic farming is our first line of defense against genetically modified crops, and seeing the rise of non-GMO beers into the market place is a good thing for all of us.  Here are some of the industry’s considered top tier brands in organic beer:  Elliot Bay Brewing, WA, Eel River Brewing Company, CA, Peak Organic, ME, Sierra Nevada Estate Home Grown, CA, Bison Brewing, CA, Lakefront Brewing, WI, and Fish Tale Organics, WA.

Photo Courtesy: Elliot Bay Brewing

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