By John Vlahakis

Researchers at the University of Oxford in England are suggesting that agave, the plant that brings us tequila, may be an ideal biofuel source to replace gasoline with. Scientists at Oxford found that, like many biofuel crops, agave-derived ethanol is potentially very eco-friendly.  More importantly, unlike corn, sugar cane and other crops used for biofuel production, agave isn’t consumed by humans and can be grown in marginal or desert land. This means there’s a far lower risk of food prices increasing, and wildlife being lost.  Agave biofuel trials are currently taking place in Australia and some experts, according to UK’s Science Daily, are already plotting to reclaim abandoned agave plantations in Mexico and Africa, where agave was used to produce a type of fiber used in rope and dartboard creation.   Adding tequila to the mix of future biofuels surely will give everyone a bit of a jolt, and perhaps cost them a bit more at their local watering hole.  But, how cool would it be if we could head to our favorite haunts and fill up our gas tanks with a bit of tequila biofuels shots, and perhaps with a lime on the side?

Check This New Site Out!

On another note there is a neat new site you should visit. Izilwane focuses on “connecting the human animal to the global ecosystem.”  Izilwane, which means “animals” in Zulu, is a new online magazine and forum that focuses on human interactions with the environment and sustainability issues. These are issues that concern us here at the earthy report as well.  If you’re into wildlife and biodiversity this is a site to add to your bookmarks.   A definite recommended earthy report site.  Enjoy.

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